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It's a 1979 Pontiac Firebird "nostalgia" funny car.  It began life as a '77 Firebird owned and raced by Dick Rosberg.  Dick rebodied the chassis in '79 with the body you see now.  He raced it as a NHRA Top Fuel Funny Car all around the country, but hailed from Michigan (NHRA Division 3).  IT was originally powered by a Keith Black Hemi on nitromethane and has been as quick as 5.87 in the 1/4 mile.  My power of choice will be more sedate, a Pontiac on alcohol with project performance in the mid-low 7 second range.

 Dick sold the car to a lady named Della Woods sometime around 1981.  Della was also a well know Division 3 funny car racer dating back to about 1970.  Dick named the car "Fighting Irish", a name he borrowed from his days of racing for the Beebe & Mulligan team in the early 70's.

 The car passed through several owners before I found it languishing in a barn in Bangor, Maine in late 2003.  I brought it home in April of 2004 and have been restoring it since as time and money allows.

I'll be naming the car "Crusader" in honor of my deceased father, who worked on the F4U-Crusader fighter jet while in the Navy back in the late 50's.  He spent 9 months onboard the USS Saratoga aircraft carrier back in '58 on a Mediterranean cruise, and always spoke fondly about that time in his life.

 I've used your products on various pieces around the chassis, but mostly they've been used as follows: 

Polished button head socket screws for interior and exterior body tinwork and windshield.

 Polished hex head bolts for the front rims and beadlock rings on the rear rims.

 Your polished bolts on the front rims really set them off.  These old Cragar Super Trick rims never looked this good when new!

 Feel free to check out my pictures on a webshot site a friend of mine built for me.  The most recent ones are on the last two pages.  Page 1 shows what it looked like when I brought it home.


 Thanks again for a great product at reasonable prices, and prompt service!

 Best Regards,

Brian Baker

Glen Burnie, MD